Past Projects

RJM Process Solutions has over 30 years of experience providing quality engineering solutions to a wide range of industries.

Past Projects & Case Studies | RJM Process Solutions - vatsBelow are a few examples of how we’ve helped businesses like yours:

Refinery Project

Provided (2) 16” fabricated SST SIMPLEX strainers for pump station – Eaton Filtration was able to help calculate size and specify strainers for this application and deliver requirements in time for shutdown.

Steam Vault

Provided (2) 18” ATS expansion joints for emergency shutdown in manhole. Engineering helped redesign the manhole to optimize loads.

Ren Cen

Provided Zwick Valves to replace leaking gate valves on steam system. Had 3” to 20” valve in stock and was able to ship in 1-2 days to meet the contractor’s installation requirements.

University Steam Distribution System

Supplied Zwick valves off the shelf to replace leaking gate valves in buildings and steam piping system. The Zwick low profile design saved thousands of dollars in installation and maintenance costs.

District Heating

Supplied two (8”) control valves to end user for seasonal steam control for district steam loop. Provided savings with quick ROI for steam losses.

Wastewater Plant

Supplied two Eaton DCF1600 automated filters to replace filter bags on a waste water recovery system. Customers ROI was immediate, they recovered valuable product losses and eliminated disposal costs and improved safety.

Case Studies

For more detailed examples of effective solutions we’ve developed for to help overcome challenging engineering problems, browse our case studies:

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